Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Windows 8 Discount Offer Expires

Windows 8 that was released last year came with a whole new interface introduced by the Microsoft Corporation. A majority of people was looking for a change in their OS interface and hence this operating system was widely accepted by them. And, many of them loved the tiled UI of Windows 8, but a few of them used to the old versions found it quite confusing. However, Windows 8 was available at a cheap rate with its discount offer and this might be the reason that drove many people towards it. However, it is found that Microsoft is increasing the price for the new operating system, as the discount period would soon expire. There are many users working on the older platforms, like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and others and the support for each one of them would be terminated gradually starting with Windows XP. This move from Microsoft can be seen as a way to increase the demand for the new operating system and to make a huge sale that way.

So far, the users of Windows 7 OS found it to be affordable to switch to Windows 8. However, from now on the other Windows 7 users would find it difficult to buy the expensive operating system. Instead of finding out how to upgrade to Windows 8, they would try to stick to their old OS versions. However, this is not practical, as the support for majority of the older operating systems would soon end with that of Windows XP set to happen in a few months.

The promotional price for Windows 8 is expected to continue for another month or so and after that the Windows 8 that was offered to the Windows 7 users for $15 would be available only for $40. We all knew that the promotional price would be offered only for a limited period. But there are a lot of users still waiting to try the brand new operating system and they would find it difficult to do so with the increase in price.

The new price for Windows 8 is the same would an additional for the Windows XP and Windows Vista as they have also upgrade their hardware. But, how to upgrade to Windows 8 hardware requirements?

Visit the website of Microsoft to find out about this and place the order for the new Windows 8 OS, there.

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