Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting Started With The Windows Phone 8 OS

Microsoft’s venture into the genre of mobile operating systems was greatly appreciated. The software giant proved that it was not only adept in developing operating systems for the traditional desktop and laptop devices but also for the modern mobile devices such as smart phone, tablets and so forth. The tech giant has been incorporating many modern functionalities to its mobile operating system. The Windows Phone 8 is a more secure OS when compared to Android and iOS.

About the applications on Windows Phone 8

Like Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS, Windows Phone 8 has the Windows Store, from where users can get myriad of applications. In fact, the operating system is included with a list of basic applications that users would need to perform some basis tasks. To install Windows 8 apps on Windows Phones, all a user need to do is navigate to the Windows Store, browse through the list of apps, find the desired app and click to download them. You should ensure that you have an active internet connection to download the apps.

The difference between Windows 8 apps and the other smart phone apps

Comparing the various apps available for the different smart phones, you will realize that there are not many differences between the Windows 8 apps and the other smart phone apps. You would see that most of the apps available on the other smart phones are available for Windows Phone 8 too. However, the interface and certain options used in the Windows Phone 8 apps are slightly different from the same used on apps for the other smart phone devices. If you are patient enough to navigate through the options, you will get familiar with this within a few minutes.

Getting Started with Windows Phone 8

Though Windows 8 was initially criticized for its complicated appearance on desktop devices, it is not so when it comes to the touch screen devices such as Windows 8 Phones. Designed for the touch screen devices, Windows 8 has proved to be one of the best operating system for smart phones. For using your Windows 8 Phone, unlock its screen and navigate to the desired application.
If you want to install Windows 8 apps from Windows Store, go directly to the Windows Store, find the app and download it. You will be prompted to install the app once it is downloaded.

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