Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Microsoft Rumored To Be Facing An App Problem

Microsoft has an app problem, to be precise, an app store problem. Unfortunately, this is the major source of Redmond’s problem moving both the copies of Windows Phone and the Windows 8. After all, both of these platforms depend on their corresponding app systems for vitality.

For example, there is no official Facebook app in the Windows store. But increasingly, the customers are expecting to be able to control the devices and services from their smartphones. Microsoft app stores are missing those apps also. As reported in The Verge, there are approximately 100,000 apps in Windows Store, which are aimed at the Windows 8 computers and tablets. This is a very low number when compared to the millions of apps in Apple and Android stores. Many users complain that the overall quality of the apps in the Windows Store is also low.

We can argue that it is not fair to compare the number of apps in Apple store and Windows store as Apple and Android are phone app stores but the Windows Store caters to computers and tablets. As per AllAboutWindowsPhone, the Windows Phone app store has more than 125,000 apps.

There are many Microsoft problems while considering their app stores. Their app ecosystem is further hampered by being fractured. It has been recently reported that Microsoft is now planning to combine its two stores into a single one with a single catalogue and user experience. It is still very early to say anything on this decision and what this will mean for Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft Corporation could choose to implement the single store idea as it has restored the Start button in the Windows 8.1 version. This could prove to be a grand gesture that completely misses the point. If in the end, Microsoft combines both the stores but does not make the apps cross-platform, then the company could bolster on the total numbers without improving the customer experience and satisfaction in a meaningful way.

There have been many issues that Microsoft Corporation has been facing lately. These issues add up to the Microsoft problems. Different divisions of the company are operating as independent companies. These divisions are paying only little attention to the One Microsoft Vision of cooperation and synergy across the various organizational lines. If you wish to know more on the app problems or any other Microsoft problems, you can contact our technical support team.

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