Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Microsoft Planning To Review Presence On PC Gaming Platform

PC gaming has had its up’s and downs over the years. In the initial years, PC games flourished the market and the possibility of gaming on PC has made the personal computer very popular and famous. As the years passed and after the year 2000, gaming consoles started to evolve and emerge. The consoles provided high def graphics support and an array of game titles is available for the consoles. Nowadays, in every home, one can easily find adults and children playing different games on the gaming consoles.

Inputs from Phil Spencer

As the years have progressed, the PC gaming support from Microsoft is not at all stable. Phil Spencer, the Microsoft Game Studios boss says that the PC gaming platform is going to witness a stronger presence from the company. As the years have passed, Microsoft’s relationship with PC gaming has had its bits of vicissitudes. In the year 2006, when the Windows Vista came, brand new features for games were made available by the Company.

Late arrival of Halo 2 

In addition, the year that followed saw the PC debut of the Halo 2, which is the sequel to the smash hit Halo: Combat Evolved. This debut is relatively old as about two years ago, Halo 2 was made available in Xbox and PC gamers had to wait for a while for the game to appear. The downside of the PC Halo 2 was that Games for Windows Live was required and the fee for it was $49.99 per year.

Shut down of Games for Windows Live Marketplace

In the following years, PC game support has slowly declined and Microsoft Flight as well as the Age of Empires Online development came to a complete standstill. Games for Windows Live and Games for Windows Live Marketplace will close doors shortly, this is what the company says. Microsoft welcomed the arrival of Jason Holtman, the earlier boss of Steam. A cloud gaming service was reportedly being developed by the Redmond giant. Well this could be the new venture for Microsoft in the PC gaming arena in order to stabilize its support for PC gaming.

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