Monday, February 10, 2014

Microsoft To Support Xbox 360 Until 2016

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is a gaming console that enables the users to play high quality games with little effort. Even though Microsoft released their new gaming console Xbox One recently, most of the Xbox 360 users are likely to hold on to the Xbox 360 gaming console. Even though Microsoft has released a new gaming console in the market, the happy news for Xbox 360 users is that Microsoft has decided to provide support and new games for the console until 2016.

Microsoft released the Xbox 360 gaming console last year in an effort to take a share of the gaming console industry from the leader in the industry, Sony. Sony with their PlayStation series have made it clear that they are the emperors in the gaming console industry. They made the notion clearer by releasing the latest PlayStation 4 gaming console with much better features than Xbox 360 and less pricy than Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. However, according to Microsoft help line, all this will change within a short time span as the new Xbox One gaming console is on its way.

Well with the words of Yusuf Mehdi in the air, it states that Microsoft will be providing Xbox 360 owners support until 2016 even though they are now concentrating on the Xbox One gaming console. However, people are not going to let go of the popular $499 something priced Xbox 360 in recent future as even game developers are interested in making games for the old one rather than for the new Xbox One.

Microsoft help line has provided support for the Xbox consoles even after Xbox 360 was released for a long time. However, the support for Xbox 360 is to increase even more according to the news we were able to procure from the Windows support site. Well it is a sad situation that Microsoft is recalling the service provided to Xbox consoles in 2016, but one must also consider the fact that until then Microsoft would have provided about eleven years of support for the console and that’s a long time if you ask me.

So the best thing you can do is to stop worrying about the end of support for the Xbox 360 gaming console and upgrade to the new Xbox One gaming console. You will be able to get more features in the latest Xbox One.

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