Friday, September 20, 2013

Fix A Stuck Or Broken Key On A Laptop

Most laptop users must have come across a scenario where their laptop key gets broke or stuck while they are in the midst of typing. When such issues happen, users will have to adjust by using an alternate key to communicate.
However, fixing a stuck key on your laptop is relatively an easy task and does not require assistance from a computer repair professional! Let us see how to troubleshoot a stuck key on your laptop in the easiest way!
Follow the below mentioned instructions to troubleshoot the laptop stuck key issue.

  • Switch off your laptop, open the battery case, and dismantle the battery.
  • Use a damp cloth and gently clean around the affected key. Now use a dry cotton swab to remove the dirt under the key. Make sure not to exert much pressure on the key as it could break the key.
  • After this process, firmly press the key and check whether it works fine now. Because removing the dust particles under the key will put the key back at its right position.
  • Get a nail clipper. You will notice there is a cleaner extension to your nail clippers, a flat extension with a hook on the end. Pull it out and place the hook under the left corner of the key you wish to dislodge. 
  • Most times, the key gets stuck because of the collapsible spring going off-center. So shake it gently, for as long as it takes the key to click into place. If this does not work, you are going to have to break the key up into smaller pieces.
  • Now use the fingernail cleaner to lift the top part of the key. There will be a collapsible plastic hinge that is held by a rubber hinge. Pull both these out gently until you see a flat surface. Now use the cotton swab to remove all the dust accumulated. 
  • Assemble the key components back into your keyboard. Insert the rubber piece back on the flat surface which you just cleaned using the cotton swab. Insert the key retainer back at its position and click it to insert it. Ensure not to exert much pressure as it can tamper the plastic case. Finally place the key on top of the holder and gently click it to insert it into its location. 
Seek further assistance from a computer repair technician if you are still unable to resolve the issues with your laptop.

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