Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Support Options for Windows 7

Windows 7 is the biggest hit of all the platforms released by the Microsoft until now; Windows 8 ain’t showing any big movements in the market. Windows 7 has a lot of options and features and stands out in performance and graphics. There are a lot of tech support websites that provide excellent support for Windows 7. But the support provided by Microsoft alone is enough for the current users. There a lot of support options provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 and you can read about them here.

Online Support
Online Support by Microsoft is the fastest and easiest option that users can access. What you have to do is, navigate to the Official Microsoft Support website and you can search for articles related to your problems. In case of a typical problem, you can post the question in the forum. Some user or the Microsoft Support staff will answer the question and you can check it. It’s a free option.

Other Options
Some support options are free, others aren’t. You can check the Microsoft support website for the type of problems and the support available. Some problems will be provided with free support where as others are provided with paid support. You can choose the support type and options for any kind of problem. For the internal or programming problems with the software like, MS Office or Windows platforms, Microsoft provides support free of cost.

Unsupported Products
Some versions of Windows 7 provided through the OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) aren’t provided with support services from Microsoft. Microsoft support wizard requests the user to contact the equipment manufacturer for support. These users can also go for tech support provided by many other firms which are also good.

Things You Can Do Before Requesting for Technical Support
There are many methods by which you can solve the problems without contacting support services. Before contacting the support team, you should try to solve the problem using the ones available in hand. There is a help guide provided to the users which can be helpful in a lot of ways for solving the problems. The Windows Troubleshooter in Windows 7 platform is also good. Windows Troubleshooter detects the problems, scan for the cause and try to solve the issue by its own. Some of the problems can be solved by using the troubleshooter. If all of the efforts fail, go for support from Microsoft.
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