Thursday, June 19, 2014

How To Import Gmail And Hotmail Contacts In Outlook?

Organizing contact lists in multiple accounts is a difficult task. If organizing the contact list on multiple accounts has perplexed you, then it will be better to import all the contacts in the Outlook 2010 program as it provides a very easy way to manage the contact list. With the help of the Outlook import wizard, you will be able to instantly import Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo contacts to the Contact folder of the Outlook program and then organize them under one window. This article discusses the ways to import Hotmail and Gmail contacts list to the Outlook program. The Outlook setting steps to be done are same for all the other email services.

Exporting Hotmail Contacts
  • Turn on your computer and open the Hotmail window. Click on the Contact list that is located on the left sidebar. 
  • This will open the Contacts main window. In the contact list, check the box that is located near to Name title to select the complete contact list. From the Manage drop-down list, you can select Export. 
  • Type in the Captcha correctly and then select the Export button to save this file on the local drive. 
Exporting Gmail Contacts
  • Open your Gmail account and select Contacts from the left sidebar.
  • In the main Contacts window, select the Export option located under the export window. Select Everyone (All Contacts) checkbox and from Which Export format, select the Outlook CSV format option.
  • Click on the Export button to save the contacts list on the local drive.
Importing Contacts In Outlook
  • Open the Outlook 2010 program. In the File menu, select Open and then finally click on the Import button. This will bring up the Import and Export Wizard. Choose Import from another program or file option from the list and then click on the Next button. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and select the Next button. 
  • Click on the Browse button to select Gmail contacts CSV file and then on the OK button. Enable Do not import duplicate items to prevent duplicate contacts from being imported and click on Next button. You may then Map the contact list by selecting Map Custom Fields. Click on the Finish button to end the wizard. 
These are the Outlook setting steps to import Gmail and Hotmail contacts in the Outlook program. For further help, you can contact our tech support team.

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